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1. Cut Expenses

You save more than 40% of an employees' base par by avoiding the cost and time of advertising, interviewing, training, and other numerous administrative cost.

2. Flexibility

Meet short-term goals without long-term commitment. Mass "hire" and "fire" at your convenience without any hassle or consequences.

3. Coverage

Sumaj Staffing and its employees are covered with Worker's Compensation as well as Liability Insurance. Should a problem occurs, you have the peace of mind knowing we will take care of the problem quickly and professionally.

4. Screened Employees     

Each employee is interviewed, trained and required to pass a background/I.D. check before they work for you.



Please contact us through

our superior public relations manager: Ivan Avendano (512) 577-6234,

or our office Manager: Igor Avendano (512) 417-7669.